HMAS Nirimba - Success From Endeavour
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January '72 Intake

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First, two photos from Wayne

Wayne & Lloyd
Nirimba Union Team

Here are some old photos I found in an album I didn't even realize I had

Bob & Scotty

Bob and Scotty in 1974

Terry, Fanny & Knobby

Terry, Fanny and Knobby in June '74

Mick Howard & Bob

Mick Howard and Bob 1974

Bob, Julie & Evie

Me with my sister Julie, and Evie
My old mate Alan McKnight looking very serious nearby

Terry Baker & Evie

Terry Baker with Evie

Gary Johnson

Young Gary Johnson in 1972

Nirimba 1972

Nirimba in 1972, spring cleaning in 1st Term

Group - Brisbane

Group photo after one of those parties in Brisbane
Smithy, Alan, Bob, Evie, ? Geoff Gammon or Paul Arnold, Tim, Marc, Mick, Terry, Knobby, seated is Scotty and Fanny

Evie & Bob

Hello Sailor
Me and Evie 1974

Terry Baker & son

Terry Baker and son
Looking for HMAS Swan?

Terry Baker

still down there

Kearvell Household

The new Kearvell household

Looking from the new Kearvell household

The Kearvell Brothers

The Brothers Kearvell

Jim O'Neill

Jim O'Neill
in not one of his more animated poses

Terry Baker & Co.

Terry Baker
enjoying a night out