Leigh's Photos
January '72 Intake

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Bob Raines at Wiseman's Ferry
I thought this was Leigh, until he told me to put my glasses on. Even after wearing those shorts, I still have two kids.

Weekend at Menangle
Terry Baker, Leigh Pritchard, Doug McLeod, Fred Jones, Steve Banks, and Peter Isumski

Fred Jones and Leigh Pritchard
Easy riders, or just Easy?

Holding up the car
Gary Johnson, Chris Johnston, Leigh Pritchard,???, Greg Halliwell, and Dave Milton

Some of the boys at the flat
I think this was the house at Maryong or Quakers Hill, or somewhere?

Anzac Day at Rooty Hill at 6:00 am
(Pardon the poor quality of this one, I'm working on it)

Bring on the Debutants
Blacktown Debutant Ball Mal Armstrong, Dick Whittington, Spot Halliwell, Kev Bryant, Leigh Pritchard, Chris Grove, Gerry Rainer, Fed Jones, Terry Baker, Hughsy, Banksy, Bonner, Griffo, Cooky, Rabbit, Donga

Weekend trip to Brisbane 1973
Mick Howard, Terry baker, Orb Brischke, Ian Bonnor, Bob Raines, and Gary Johnson

In the cabin at Nirimba
Gary Johnson, Mark Sefton, and the ever happy Keith Johnson

Foreskin Divers
Dave Milton, Gary Johnson, Fred Jones, and Terry Baker
Pic taken by Chris Johnston

ERA's should know this address
This came from the Gold Coast compliments of Fred Jones and GG Johnson