HMAS Nirimba
2002 Brisbane
January '72 Intake

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Here are a few photographs taken at the reunion held on the 26th & 27th of January 2002, in Brisbane

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Group shot No.1

Looks like Mal did something to get everybody's attention

The Armstrongs

Relaxing by the Brisbane River with the Captain Cook Bridge in the background

Speed Milton (never changes) and Gary Johnson

Leigh, Ruth, Dick, Judy and Cooky

Group shot No.3

Group shot No.4

Judy, Chris and Bobby

Steve Banks (sitting), The Clarks, Gomes, The Armstrongs and Harry

Getting cosy?

Still standing

Bobby and Moose

The crowd is starting to thin out by now

Geoff Rice, Greg Halliwell, Dave Cook and Runt in the background

Gomes, Dick and Spot talking to who knows?

Pete Smedley and Ron Bullock and GG sitting on the table

Donga and Dick

Geoff Rice and Ross Regan at opposite corners of the table

Tried to pinch the white screw for my Cadets, but it didn't fit in Moose's car

Gomes inspecting his food with GG keeping an eye on him (Diamantina in the background)

Moose doing the honours at the BBQ

More layabouts with the city in the background

Henry Harrop and Chris Johnston

Dick Whittington, Wayne Stephens and Runt taking a picture of the photographer

Bubbles, Cooky, Donga, Lloyd and Moose

Steve and Sandy Banks

The Bullocks.jpg

Gomes, Harry and GG the morning after the cruise