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Here are a few photographs taken at the reunion held October '98 in Brisbane
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Group photo taken on Sunday 4/10/98 at a BBQ at Mobray Park

Peter Mizak (with hat & sunnies) giving a speech

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Some of the organizers, receiving a "thank you" gift.
L to R: Chris Johnston, Bob Raines, Dave Cook, Bob Clarke, and Ron Bullock

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Bob and Linda Raines on board the "Brisbane Star"

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Bob and Linda Raines with Henry Harrop

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Feeding time at Mobray Park

bris_3.jpg (331221 bytes) Another group photo
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A last minute phone call

bris_8.jpg (250826 bytes) Our fearless and highly decorated "Pilot" for the night.
He always dresses formal
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Chris Johnston, Bob Raines, Henry Harrop, and Dave Cook

bris_5.jpg (254090 bytes) Owen Brischke, Runt Anderson, Daryl Kearvell, Bob Raines, Bob Clarke, Peter Mizak